May 15, 2016


Bridging the gap between the now and the future

Aligning sales team potential and company goals has traditionally been the area of greatest failure at the execution layer. Using advanced Talent Analytics and industry sales best processes to provide achievable sales acceleration;

Talent: Using the natural potential in the your teams to execute the sales plan and align to the buying needs needs of your customers.

Your Organization’s Sales Skill “DNA” at a glance; A single, objective tool that provides an ongoing profile and skills library to assist with talent alignment, development, selection, restructuring and succession planning.TA

The Talent Audit System provides access to skill comparisons and overall success potentials with the predictive accuracy similar to the way a DNA strand identifies genetic makeup of each salesperson. In this manner organizations are able to inventory a complete list of strengths and development needs for all sales representatives across every sales position, with every team, or across the whole organization.

Once you implement the initial Talent Audit System, we work with you to update the data with information on new hires, promotions, new profiles and any other employee changes. The Talent Audit System allows you to assess new employees and add them to the database to ensure the data remains current and can be regularly updated.

Using advanced Talent Analytics the gap between the now and the future needs are reviewed allowing a visual view of the natural capabilities of the current talent pool to execute effectively on the desired core competencies.


Processes: The best practice sales disciplines to allow you to scale success.

The ability to scale any change comes down to how aligned the repeatable processes are within the everyday DNA functions of the sales engine. Integrating into the major CRM systems, we provide tools from Opportunity Assessments (ADVANTUS Opportunity Coach) to customised Sales Process definitions aligned with the customer buying cycle. Management Cadence and disciplines reinforce the message and assist in the Managers ability to coach their team. Some consider sales to be an engine…well this is the mechanics of the sales interaction.