May 15, 2016


Unleashing Potential

Accelerating sales results is achieved be engaging with fundamental skills Capabilities and targeted talent Selection.

By developing critical behaviours and knowing the calibre of talent entering the company, sales disciplines are anchored within a culture of sales excellence.

Capabilities: Investing development programs focused on the critical learning needs.

Through innovative learning technology we enable organisations to leverage the best internal and external facilitation talent available. With a range of strategically-customised development modules we accelerate time to performance by blending experiential learning with Web tools that extend the learning process.Learning

Developing your sales and leadership teams to make the transition to Results Based Selling, Advantus has a range of programs to assist in the journey from basic selling skills to advanced consultative sales techniques.


Selection: Right people in right roles improving retention and reducing turnover costs.

Selection is about hiring the right people for the right positions for ultimate sales effectiveness. Whilst there is no silver Selectionbullet for selecting sales professionals having a structured process can can significantly improve recruiting processes. Working with globally recognised Talent Analytics firms, Advantus helps businesses make profitable hiring and development decisions.

We focus on the critical skills and competencies required for the role that will differentiate successful candidates from those who may be better suited to alternative roles. Working with key stakeholders to better understand the business metrics supporting the targeted roles, we conduct role analysis to identify the important duties, tasks, and responsibilities needed success.